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About Us



At Luva Skincare, we aim to enhance skin wellness by utilizing natural botanical ingredients with naturally sourced Vitamin C infused in all our products. Our brand was founded by Adelina, a busy mother of two who knows the significance of skincare but found it challenging to discover a simple routine that provides optimal results while being mindful of harmful ingredients. Adelina's passion for treating her skin and body inspired her to create a brand enriched with pure nutrients extracted from botanicals. With Luva Skincare, rest assured that you're using safe products for your skin.

Our focus at Luva Skincare is to provide natural wellness, through holistic skincare alternatives to the modern-day skincare trends, such as facial massage tools, eco-friendly packaging, and natural vitamin-based skincare, in hopes of sharing the love of loving your skin and being kind to your skin's barrier, by limiting harmful procedures, and chemical ingredients.

We are excited to share that we've developed vital skincare products to supplement any skincare regimen. We firmly believe that maintaining healthy and natural skin requires a clean, balanced, and nourished complexion. Our Glow trio consists of a Botanical Exfoliating Powder delicately removes impurities using ingredients like Rose, Matcha, and Sea Weed Kelp. Additionally, we've created a hydrating facial toner that is alcohol-free and further eliminates dirt from the skin while balancing its pH. Finally, to nourish and provide the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients, our lightweight Vitamin C Oil is perfect for all skin types, offering comprehensive protection against various skin issues.

Our objective is to conduct ongoing research on botanicals and herbs to discover their nourishing benefits for the skin. We strongly believe in giving back to the community and actively seek local organic farms to collaborate with. Additionally, we are searching for an organization that supports women in their pursuit of wellness and healing. Our ultimate goal is to create a community of individuals who share our passion for natural skincare and overall health, allowing us to spread awareness about the benefits of taking care of oneself naturally.



 To make every woman (YOU!) look and feel their best while restoring confidence in your products and redefining skin care as a vital part of self-care. We want you to make healthy and conscious choices regarding taking care of your skin.


At LUVA Skin Care, a little self-care goes a long way. With busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, making time for ourselves is often pushed to the wayside. LUVA was founded to support women in putting their well-being first through clean, conscious skincare.

A vital part of our daily routine, our skincare is one thing we can do daily to take care of ourselves (because YOU deserve some me-time!). By creating a collection that people can trust, we are empowered to make healthy skin care choices a simple and accessible process.


Transparency means everything to us, and so do our ingredients. We want our consumers to make conscious choices and feel confident in the products they are using on their skin. Our ingredients are carefully selected to deliver visible results that benefit all skin types.

To deliver on our high potency, quality and freshness standards, all our products are formulated in small batches and manufactured locally in Ontario using 100% recyclable packaging.

Thank you for being a part of our community! Tag us @LUVASKINCARE and let us see that #LUVAGLOW